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Welcome to my personal website!


This website is still largely unfinished. Some links/pages might not work. Images might not be where they are supposed to be. The website does not show correctly on mobile devices yet. Don't complain, I'm working on it.

This website is a collection of several things I'm into, from analogue photography to electronics (which, to date, I just started learning about).

I will put here also other random stuff I might get interested into or files that I need to share. I have also intention of opening a small blog, but no wordpress or other complex stuff up here, I need few features to be fair.

Some of you might have landed here because of my previous website, Der Fotoapparat, which is still up online but I am not updating mainly because of lack of time. On Wordpress I probably had more visibility than here, but this is cheaper and I have full control on what's on my website anyway.

Enjoy your stay on this website!


Note: this website is currently under construction, layout might not be perfect... yet. I'm still learning decent CSS and stuff so positioning is quite tricky for me.